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abc flashcard songs app

 LAUNCHED in 2014 as EDITORS' CHOICE for iPad

AWARDED APP STORE BEST OF 2014 - No.1 Best New App 

- No.1 Best for Ages 5 & Under - No.1 Education App

abc flashcard songs has been specially devised by teachers for children to learn the phonetic alphabet as well as new vocabulary.

abc flashcard songs has over 40 beautifully hand illustrated interactive pages which instantly engages the child’s attention. Each flashcard has a fun and catchy phonic song.

The game is to find and collect all the images that begin with the specific letter sound and the score is recorded on a star tally.

The phonics matching game enables the child to consolidate their phonics learning..

"This app is a pre-school teacher's dream"...

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abc jigsaw app

LAUNCHED in 2014 as FEATURED on Kids Store for iPad


abc jigsaw app enables children to learn the correct letter sound and letter formation by making the letter jigsaw. Each letter of the alphabet is an expertly designed letter character, which has been cut-up into many pieces. The child has to put the letter character back together. As the child slots each piece into place they are reinforced with the phonetic sound of that letter.

This app is great for a practical - hands on learner. By playing the game - they child is learning phonics sounds without even knowing it! Haha! "Learning Through Play is the Only Way"

This app also contains 9 consonant digraphs such as ‘th’, ‘ck’ and ‘ch’. It is important that children learn these sounds at the same time as single letter sounds as they appear in many frequently-used words.

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abc letter tracing app

LAUNCHED in 2014 as FEATURED on Kids Store for iPad (currently unavailble due to an update)


abc letter tracing is a beautifully designed interactive educational app which teaches a child the correct way to form print and cursive letters in a playful way, using the UK National Curriculum font. All 4 games featured on this app have been specially designed to help children’s handwriting journey from the beginning of pre-writing skills and colouring to forming letters and writing messages.

A highlight of this app for many children is that you can save or share your messages, pre-writing skills and letter colouring creations - we get sent masses of your amazing work and messages!

All of the content of the app is downloadable and printable from within the app - if you fancy pre-writing, colouring or writing messages with actual real-life colouring pencils! 

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phonics 1 CVC app

We are very excited to bring to you: “phonics 1 (CVC)”. This is a brand new, fantastic, word building and reading, phonics app for kids learning to read. If you are looking for a phonics app to introduce your child to reading – look no further!  

CVC words are C-onsonant V-owel C-onsonants  - these are the first words a child learns to read such as C-A-T,  H-E-N,  P-I-G,  D-O-G,  B-U-G.  CVC words are easy for a child to decode and blend back together to read the word.

The app has been specifically devised by teachers to make learning to read fun as well as give kindergarten kids confidence at this key stage of learning. This app has 30 CVC words and 30 decodable and animated sentences to build and read - it's huge - there is hours of learning fun!

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